Huge File Sharing

Huge File Sharing

Upload and share large files without email attachment problems.


Online Off-site Backup

Automated backups of critical data with scheduling options.


Online file Storage

Store and retrieve files via web browser or StorageSync.


Share and Collaborate

Online workspace where you can share documents and collaborate.


FTP Replacement

Without the hassles of traditional FTP solutions.



SSL login and transfer make it safe to upload and share files. e-Storage encryption ensures privancy of your data.



When the fire is burning furiously across the whole office building, will you still think about grabbing your backup tapes or Network Attached Storage (NAS), which consists of all your company data backup? If the answer is no, then you ought to think about an alternative hassle-free solution that allows you to have a copy of your business data protected and stored at a remote and secure data center.


AfterOffice Storage Center is exactly the secure online backup and data protection solution that provides you the Off-site Backup Services, which automatically backs up your files and folders on a daily basis to a remote and secure site, freeing you from all the hassles of backing up your critical data in your server or desktop. Besides that, the File Sharing and Group Control features also allow you to collaborate with your team members, whether they are from other branches or mobile workers who are always on the road.


Furthermore, on top of the Storage Center, you can also find some useful Marketing Apps such as Bulk Email Marketing (BEM) a.k.a mass mailing or newsletter system that allows you to keep in touch with your prospects or customers with personalized email reminders or promtion. SMS marketing with AfterOffice WebSMS is also an effective way to reach your targeted audience rapidly and effectively.


With our Email and Web Hosting services, not only will you be able to check your email anywhere, all your incoming and outgoing emails can be archived with our Mail Archive packages.


Software as a Service

•  Storage Center
    -  Online Storage and Backup
    -  Data Backup & Protection
    -  File Sharing
    -  Data Synchroniz
•  Sales Management
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•  e-Helpdesk
•  Calendar
•  Project Management
•  Live Support


Web Services

•  Supreme Package
•  LAMP Hosting
•  Database Hosting
•  Email Hosting
•  Mail Archive

Online Business & Marketing

•  Web SMS
•  Internet Marketing
•  e-Commerce
•  e-Catalog DIY