Introduction of Lookafter IT Sdn Bhd

The management of has decided to re-focus the company’s priorities in the area of new product development. As a result, all current products and services will be spin off to our associated company, Lookafter IT Sdn Bhd (Lookafter), with effect from January 1, 2022.

Please be assured that your support and services will not be interrupted and this transition should be transparent and seamless to you as the same team from Afteroffice will continue to provide the necessary support as you have been receiving all these years.

The only change will be in the name of the billing company and you will see this in your next subscription renewal when due in 2022. Services and support for billings prior to 2022 will not be affected.

We thank you for your continued support and patronage. If you have any questions with regards to this change, please check through the FAQs or contact us at

Thank you,

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As we are re-focusing our priorities in the area of new product development, we are spinning off our current products and services to Lookafter, our associated company, who is formed by the same team that has been serving you throughout the years.

You may expect the following changes on your upcoming invoices:

  • Change of billing party in your invoice, which includes changes of company name, logo, registration number and address.
  • Change of invoice format and number.
  • Change of payment method, which includes changes of bank account and number.

Everything else maintains the same:

  • Your subscribed plan, pricing and specification.
  • The team that provides your service.

No. All operations remain the same with the same servers and facilities, thus, there will be no difference on the quality of service.

No, there is no change on user's login.

No, all mail servers that are currently in use on your mail clients will remain the same. If you need further verification about your mail server, please contact

No, there are no changes required on your phone's mail application.

As the team at Lookafter is formed by the same team that has been serving you all these years, you can still reach the support and account teams via the same contact points as follows:

There is no impact on your hosting service. All operations remain the same and running on the same servers and facilities.

There is no change required from your end. However, you may need to change the company name from Sdn Bhd to Lookafter IT Sdn Bhd when you are creating new purchase orders for the subscription of a new or existing AfterOffice services, if any.