Secure Remote Access & Work From Home Solution

Virtual Local Network (VLN)

Work From Home with Virtual Local Network (VLN)

At office, you are connected to the office server (which can also be a main desktop) with the Local Area Network (LAN).

With VLN, you can now work from home and securely remote access to your office server/main desktop to use the software applications (e.g. AutoCount, UBS, SQL, MYOB, QuickBook, QuikPay, YGL Tax, CCH Engagement, etc.) installed on the office server/main desktop, including your Shared Folders, maintaining the same user access rights set. Now, everyone can work from home, stay productive and safe from Covid 19. This is digital economy, this is Malaysia Industrial Revolution 4.0.

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VLN Features:

  • VLN uses the internet to create an encrypted Virtual Local Network for safe remote connection.
  • VLN remote connection is of peer-to-peer (pc-to-pc)
  • No additional hardware to be purchased.
  • VLN set-up & configuration fees are one-time payment.
  • VLN is the VPN that is without yearly license renewal fees.
  • VLN Premium Support plan is as low as RM1.00 a day (T&C apply).
  • Broadband internet is recommended for VLN, e.g. Unifi, Times and etc.
  • VLN supports Windows 7 and above & Windows Server 2012 and above.
  • VLN also supports Linux. Price is 50% more for MacOS 10.10.
  • VLN also supports certain brands and models of Network Attached Storage (NAS).