Connect With Team Instantly


We believe that your business can grow further with an additional tool of communication. With VOChat, you can fill the gap that exists between phone calls and email, which is time consuming.

VOChat is an instant messenger available on AfterOffice Webmail, which lets you to connect better with your colleagues through live chat and allows group conversations without complexity. Not only it is enjoyable to use, it also helps to protect the privacy of business communication while enabling information sharing in real-time, greatly reducing email overload. It definitely provides a more dynamic and enjoyable way to work.

For small businesses and startup companies, VOChat makes it easier for project collaboration and communication, especially when working with freelancers and remote employees, or on projects that need immediate attention.

Online-offline button to show your availability

Color-coded buttons allow users to see the availability of other users in the network at a single glance, allowing users to send messages at the first opportunity.

Group Chat

Besides one-on-one conversation, VOChat also gives users the option for group conversations. It can be done even if not all members are present.


Familiar Emoji are implemented in VOChat, allowing users to respond in fun and creative ways to express their mood.

As your team can now share great ideas and information in real time at a secure place, VOChat is indeed the powerful tool that helps your employees to communicate in a new way and in turn, improving work performances.