Data Backup & Protection

Online Data Backup Solution For Your Serious Business

AfterOffice Storage Center is more than just a Cloud Storage. It is a comprehensive offsite data protection and complete disaster recovery solution for all your mission-critical growing business data.

In most cases, disaster recovery is perceived as too expensive and complex for small businesses. But now, this will be a thing of the past — Storage Center includes a wide range of smart and great tools to protect your business data, namely StorageSync, which works as hard as you do, giving your business a real peace of mind. Simply install StorageSync on your PCs and laptops and everything works like magic.

Scheduled Backup

With StorageSync, your files will be backed up automatically to Storage Center by defining a schedule date. That means you can recover your data instantly if anything goes wrong.

Password Protected Encryption

While your important documents are being transferred to Storage Center through a secured SSL (https) connection, StorageSync provides you the option to add on additional layer of security and privacy by encrypting them with a key to ensure that no one but only you can access your documents, maximizing the level of privacy protection.

Multiple Sites Synchronization

Need to work on the same documents from multiple locations? No problem. Free yourself from emailing the files to yourself or using external hard drives to get files available on-the-go, as StorageSync helps you to keep all your documents accessible and up-to-date across all your devices.

Resumption of Transfer

Ever experienced power outage where your computer shuts down while you are almost done with your file backup? This can be devastating. StorageSync has the ability to detect any incomplete backup and resume from where it left off, and it will never start over from the beginning. This means you can save significant time and bandwidth usage.

Delta Tansfer

Delta transfer is also known as incremental backup which will be activated when StorageSync has done a full backup in advance. It recognizes the modified parts of the files and backed them up in real time. The best part is, your backup operations will complete faster and perform better.

When you are truly passionate about your business, you will protect it as best as you can. And StorageSync is definitely the right and trusted foundation that gives your business the real data protection, without breaking the bank.