Huge File Sharing

Share Huge Files and Folders Easily with Anyone

File sharing has become an important interaction and collaboration among departments and companies. Therefore, AfterOffice Corporate Storage Center offers four ways of sharing files which caters for different groups of people with different requirement at various scenarios.

Have you ever encountered the situation when you have your emails bounced back because your email attachments are too huge? Or the recipient's mailbox is just too small? Or the recipient's mail system simply rejects any email attachment or attachment which is larger than 500KB? So what if your recipient finally got your email and the attachment, have you heard the complaints such as "It took me so long and after trying so many times before I finally able to receive all the emails" because the email attachment is so huge that it is clogging up the email download. This happens to all users of mail clients such as outlook (or outlook express), thunderbird, etc.

Now with DropFile (or SendFile), you will be able to prevent all the above from happening to you and your business partners or your clients, because DropFile is:

  • An email which contains the URL link for the file from which your recipient will download.
  • It allows you to have unlimited URL links in the email.
  • It does not clog up the recipient's email download with the mail clients (outlook, etc).

Does DropFile offer the 'Resume' ability? No, it doesn't. However if the Dropper (or Sender) wish to allow the user to have 'Resume' ability when downloading the file, please check out the External Group in Access Rights Control.

Benefits of DropFile

  • No problems in email when sharing or sending huge files.
  • No more clogging up the recipient's POP mail download.
  • No bounced mails due to mail system limitation or small mailbox of the recipients.
  • Send unlimited files at one time.
  • Fast and Easy.
  • Validity of link ensures security.
  • Notification of files downloaded by the recipients.

How It Works

  • Check on the file you like to share as in the example above.
  • Click on 'DropTo' in the menu at the bottom.
  • Enter the email address in the email field of the popped-up browser "DropFile/Folder".
  • Change the subject title and enter your short message as you wish.
  • Choose how long before the URL link will expire.
  • Choose 'yes' if you wish to be notified when the recipeint downloads your file. Then Click Send at the bottom and off it goes.

Company Share Folder is the common space for everyone in the company. This is where all users can access to share files. However the Storage Center administrator can determine the group of users who can access the folders and subfolders under the Company Share Folder.

For example, the administrator can setup in such a way that only the marketing division can access the 'Marketing' folder, whereas only the accounts division can access the 'Accounts' folder. The 'General' folder can be configured so all users can have access to the company guide, policy, forms, and etc with only READ access rights. Or the administrator can setup a specific folder where both the marketing and finance group of users can access and collaborate.

The Lock and Unlock features are vital for the integrity of the owner's file. Once the file is locked, nobody can modify, rename, or delete it except the owner of the file.

The Company Share Folder is also where the administrator can create a subfolder specifically for an outsider group to access. The outsider group can only see the specific folder as defined by the administrator through the User Control Access Rights (UCAR) of the system.

Click on the image on the right, and you will find the browser on the left shows the content that the Internal user (sjng) sees as opposed to what the External user (user_a1) sees on the right browser.

Benefits of Company Share Folder

  • Easy access and sharing for all on general files or forms.
  • Easy access and sharing for groups on specific folders.
  • Lock and Unlock features for the owner's file protection.
  • Allows subfolders where external users can collaborate with the internal users.

Network Share allows you to read and write in another user's private folder with access granted or to share your private folders of other users. While you can share files under the Company Share Folder with specific group of users, at times you might want to just share a folder with a few individuals, therefore the group specific folders might not be such a good idea. This is when Network Share or Private Folder Sharing comes into the picture.

The example 1 shows all the sub folders under Network Share. These sub folders belong to other users. In this case, the example shows that the sub folder by the name of 'Sales Materials' is being shared by (Esther), the owner, to the user granted with both the read and write access. As a result, this sub folder becomes a private space for collaboration between the user and Esther.

How do you share a private folder to another user?

It is very simple. Just click on the Item Properties of the sub folder that you want to share under the Private Folder, and below is an example of what you would see. Enter the email address of the individual that you would like to share the sub folder with, along with the access rights. The individual would find the privately shared sub folder under the Network Share Folder.

While you are able to send huge files easily with DropFile to your customer and business partners, are they able to do the same with their current email system? With one of Storage Center’s installed features — Public Upload — the public, such as your customers, are able to send you huge files conveniently.

Your customers can upload files through a public link provided by your company from Storage Center. This link can be sent via email or permanent stays on your website so the customer knows where to go to upload huge files that cannot get through via email.