Increased Email Deliverability

Dedicated Outgoing SMTP Service

Dedicated Outgoing SMTP Service allows you to send emails from your own dedicated IP, without sharing traffic with other domains, optimizing your IP reputation and ensuring your emails land in your recipient's Inbox.

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  • Dedicated IP for all outgoing emails
  • IP not shared with other domain and traffic, thus immune from other domain's reputation issue
  • Unlimited daily bandwidth
  • Unlimited number of outgoing emails
  • Dedicated SPF record
  • With DKIM digital signature on outgoing email
  • With DMARC setup
  • High availability
  • Multiple redundancy ‐ fall back to share pool if there is a serious issue on email delivery, such as regional upstream provider network interruptions

Why choose dedicated outgoing SMTP service?

  • Professionally projecting your company's email system
  • Large attachment supported
  • Higher delivery rates on new recipients
  • Provide digital signature to ensure content authenticity

Who should subscribe to dedicated outgoing SMTP service?

  • Companies who take email seriously, and use email as primary communication method
  • Companies that want to have 100% compliant with email standards and high security

The use of dedicated outgoing SMTP service

You may use the service for newsletter distribution, sending to constant contacts. We recommed to set the outgoing emails at few hundreds a day or few thousands a week.

Bulk mails and high traffic newsletters (with few thousands of emails sent each day) are NOT recommended.

Important Notes

  • AfterOffice will ensure the newly acquired service IP to be whitelisted and cleaned before handover.
  • AfterOffice will continue to whitelist the IP for the first 30 days of use to ensure it is clean from major global blacklist system.
  • If the service is being abused and blacklisted (user account compromised or being used for bulk mail marketing), it is the company's own responsibility to clean up and perform whitelist submission to all well known blacklist service providers.
  • There will be service charges incurred on whitelist service, ranging for RM 200.00 to RM 1,000.00 on each case.