Afteroffice form-to-email template (v1.5), with captcha support

Quck start sample: Enquiry form, Registration form, Form with date picker (popup calendar), Flash Sample


  • This form is designed for webmaster, or Afteroffice customers only. You will need to understand same basic of HTML, Form processing on web server (related to CGI) before using this.
  • All forms must submit to an Afteroffice valid email address.

Possible use of this form are many, one of the common use is to create a feedback form on customer's web site.
Afteroffice does not provide service on developing these forms, it is the webmasters (customers) responsibility to customise and use of these forms.
Email to support(at) if you need more information on deploying these forms.

This form collect all data from the following fields and format them into email.
It will then send to the target user with the specified email address.

Field name starts with an underscore "_" will be not be included in the email. These fields are use for internal referencing. Field name are case-insensitive. All of the YELLOW form elements in this sample can be changed to hidden.

The form action

<FORM action="/cgi-bin/vo/formmail.cgi.vo" method="post">
The form action host name should be following your VO host name with Afteroffice. For example, if you domain is "", then the above action should be:
<FORM action="" method="post">

Field Name Sample Detail
_formFrom Show in the FROM: section of the email
_formSubject Subject of email: The date & time stamp [datetime] will be replaced with the form submission date and time. [formRef] is a unique number genereted for the email, good for tracking use
_formTo Email for this form to send to. You can turn this to hidden field if you are sending this form to a permanent address. Separate each email with ","

_formOutputTemplate (new)

The field/value format in email. By default, this is set to:
You can change the format easily to:
<field>: <value><br><br>
if you would like to have the field name and value stay in one line. Note that only 3 keywords are supported: <field>, <value> and <br>
_formOutputTemplate_header (new) The text to insert at the begining of the email
_formOutputTemplate_footer (new) The text to insert at the end of the email
_form_contenttype (new) The MIME email content type. "text" or "html" allow, default "text". Good to set it to "html" if you have formated the form format to html
_formNext Where do you want to go after this form submitted.
After a successful post, where do you want to bring the user to next? Spcify the URL here (eg:
Skip this if you wish to use the default
_formErr What do you want to show if this form has some incomplete entry (eg:
Skip this if you wish to use internal error handling
_formCleanFieldName (new) Use in pair with mandatory field name. Don't show the tilt "~" in mandatory field name if checked. Eg: ~name will become name in email
_formVoidNum (new) Don't show the number prefix in field name if checked, eg: 1,name will be shown as name in email
_formAllField All field wanted; checked if you want the user to fill-up all the fields
_form_custom_header (new) The additional MIME header to insert into the email. Usually not require. Format in Key: Data (eg: To: online@domain.tld)
Captcha HV Simple arithmetic captcha
Mandatory field User must fill in this field - or error warning will be given after submit. All mandatory fields start with a tilt "~". Set the _formCleanFieldName to checked if you would like the field name to be shown without the "~" in the email
Custom field: prefix number order Any field name starts with a number, seperates by a comma (",") from the rest of the field name (eg: 1,name or 20,address). Use these fields naming method to organize the sequence of the output. Smaller number always appear first in the email. Good to use this with _formVoidNum set to checked, where you can hide the number portion
Custom field Any field you want
Custom field: POP-up Any pop-up field
Custom field: Multiple selections Let user select multiple choice
Custom control: Radio buttons female male Radio buttons
Custom control: Check boxes Option 1 Option 2 Check boxes
Custom field: Large text Store more text
Custom field: hidden
There are 2 hidden fields in the sample. Values for these fields will also submit as data into the mail
Submit button You may change the label to anything

Jan. 2000
Aug. 2000 Revised
Nov. 2001 Revised
Jul. 2004 Revised
May. 2005 Revised.
Mar. 2006 Revised.
Jun. 2006 Revised.

by AVO Development Team

(note that this form is designed to use with Afteroffice Customer only