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Date: 21 Feb. 2000
Available: 21 Feb. 2000
Status: Draft
Compliant to AOS API Version: AOS 2.0b1
Revision: 1 (15 Jan. 2001)
Revision: 2 (16 April 2001)
Revision: 3 (24 April 2001)
Web: http://www.afteroffice.com/dev/api/sendmessage.html
By fui@afteroffice.com


Send message. Support saving message to draft mailbox.

What is new:
Nothing has been changed in the command since Rev 0, just that more internal parameters have been published - providing more action on sending messages.

New in revision 2
Nothing has been changed on the API, added a MID parameter which was not documented.

New in revision 3
Add mheader parameter for customer header. Good for sending attachment or HTML email.

Command: [SID].sdmailact.mail.mms
Use: Send message or save message into draft mailbox.
Access: HTTP
Method: POST and GET
Parameters case sensitive: NO
Where: [SID] = the user login session ID
Result: html (browser) or OK (LC)


apiYesIndicate the http query is for API, only 1 argument accepted: "LC"lc
midNoThe email ID. Use this to save draft and overwrite the last version.9556241
mtoNoTo email Addrsupport@afteroffice.com
mccNoCC email Addrsupport@afteroffice.com
mbccNoBcc email Addrsupport@afteroffice.com
msubNoSubject of emailsupport@afteroffice.com
bodyNobody of emailMeeting
sndNoSpecify "checked" indication to send the message as soon as possible. Without this parameter, the message will not be sent. If you use "svdf" parameter, remember to skip this one.checked
mprioNothe Priority of the mail 1-51
keepcopyNoKeep a copy in outbox after sent, specify "checked" for true, empty for skip keeping copychecked
svdrfNoSave the message in the draft mailbox. The message will not be sentchecked
mheaderNoCustom header to insert.X-Company: Afteroffice
URLNospecify the URL to redirect the browser where to go next after sending the message.http://abc.org/done/

URL Sample:

Browser has problem to support large GET data set, it is more reliable to use this command with POST method.